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Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) is a Christian organization that seeks to engage the African American Church in cross cultural Kingdom Building by facilitating short term mission activities around the World.

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Beginning in 2000, the opportunity was presented to go to Kenya to engage in missionary work. Upon taking advantage of this opportunity, it became clear that this was not something that many African Americans had done before, nor since. This brought to our awareness the absence of African American missionaries. It also became clear that this could be remedied by creating an organization that would fill the gap by making necessary plans and preparations for those interested in such work. For the last year, we have been working on filling that gap and Community Life International Mission Agency is that vehicle.  Read more about us here.

Our Calling and Vision
The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) exists to assist this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements. CLIMA has as its mission, the determination to overcome this hindrance. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we can support overcoming this discrepancy. We don’t seek to be a Black agency, but we do aim to encourage those historically absent from cross cultural work for Christ.

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