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Welcome to CLIMA USA's Website

Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) is a Christian organization that seeks to engage the African American Church in cross cultural Kingdom Building by facilitating short term mission activities around the World.

 Our Story

Beginning in 2000, the opportunity was presented to go to Kenya to engage in missionary work. Upon taking advantage of this opportunity, it became clear that this was not something that many African Americans had done before, nor since. This brought to our awareness the absence of African American missionaries. It also became clear that this could be remedied by creating an organization that would fill the gap by making necessary plans and preparations for those interested in such work. This line of thinking began through discussions among members of the Tennessee Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention under the leadership of President Edward Shadrach Robinson, Sr. and came to maturity with the support of President Marvin Mercer.  As this discussion was continued new ideas began to emerge. The Mission Board of the Convention was merged so that education, evangelism, home and foreign missions came under the same heading. Partnerships grew out of this move and with the insightful work of Rev. Joe Maddox; the pursuit of a functioning agency was born. We noted that there were scattered efforts by various groups and churches, but nothing that would work nationally and independently. For the last year, we have been working on filling that gap and Community Life International Mission Agency is that vehicle. In Kenya, we have been able to work in the areas of education, medical mission’s ministries, community development and churches in a variety of capacities. As our activities continued we began to collaborate with other groups doing similar kinds of work. Then we found other groups and churches around the country that would support missions work, but they lacked a reliable and consistent mechanism to work through. We can be that link. We recognized that by developing shared ministries, we could also share contacts in foreign countries and in so doing, simplify the process of finding help in doing ministry throughout a broader field. This network is what we seek to further develop so that as persons increase in a desire to contribute and participate in international missions, we are also building relationships in other counties, therein stabilizing our relationships and resources. As we venture forward, we hope to build an international network of chapters of this organization in diverse counties in such a way as to also positively impact local economies with employment and or small business ventures done as ministry and not for profit businesses. This approach will lead to sustainable projects that carry forward the good that can come from such efforts. The lessons we learn in ministry, can be applied anywhere. We also recognize that we are not alone in our efforts and therefore have and will continue to seek out partnerships with others doing similar work, such as World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse and International Christian Missions; to name a few.   Our Mission Statement: Community Life International Mission Agency seeks to encourage and facilitate short term mission activities around the World. Our focus is to engage the African American Church in cross cultural Kingdom Building for Christ.   Our Calling and Vision: The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) exists to assist this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements. CLIMA has as its mission, the determination to overcome this hindrance. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we can support overcoming this discrepancy. We don’t seek to be a Black agency, but we do aim to encourage those historically absent from cross cultural work for Christ.

 Our Articles of Faith

Community Life International Mission Agency, Inc. ascribes to these Articles of Faith which should be adopted by affiliate chapters at the time of organization. We are in full agreement with the Lausanne Covenant. These articles do not reflect the variations that may exist between churches or denominations that participate in any given ministry, as we do not encourage doctrinal debate or controversy in regard to representing Agency activities. The primary focus of our efforts is “Community” and is a key concern. We do not intend to dishonor or denigrate any doctrinal or cultural differences, we simply do not want to highlight them or bring debates into our service, in the midst of another culture. I. THE SCRIPTURES. We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired, and is a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction; that it has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture of error for its matter; II. THE TRUE GOD. We believe the Scriptures teach that there is one, and only one, living and true God, an infinite, intelligent Spirit, whose name is Jehovah, the Maker and Supreme Ruler of heaven and earth; III. THE FALL OF MAN. We believe the Scriptures teach that Man was created in holiness, under the law of his Maker; but by voluntary transgressions fell from that holy and happy state; in consequence of which all mankind are now sinners, not by constraint but choice; IV. THE WAY OF SALVATION. We believe that the Scriptures teach that the salvation of sinners is wholly of grace; through the mediatory offices of the Son of God; who by the appointment of the Father freely took upon him our nature, yet without sin; V. THE FREENESS OF SALVATION. We believe that the Scriptures teach that the blessings of salvation are made free to all by the Gospel; VI. GOD'S PURPOSE OF GRACE. We believe the Scriptures teach that election is the eternal purpose of God, according to which he graciously regenerates, sanctifies and saves sinners; that being perfectly consistent with the free agency of man, VII. SANCTIFICATION. We believe the Scriptures teach that Sanctification is the process by which, according to the will of God, we are made partakers of his holiness; that it is a progressive work; that it is begun in regeneration; and that it is carried on in the hearts of believers by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, the Sealer and Comforter, in the continual use of the appointed means especially the word of God, self-examination, self-denial, watchfulness, and prayer. VIII. A GOSPEL CHURCH. We believe the Scriptures teach that a visible church of Christ is a congregation of baptized believers, associated by covenant in the faith and fellowship of the Gospel; observing the ordinances of Christ; governed by his laws; and exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges invested in them by His Word; that its only scriptural officers are Bishops or Pastors, and Deacons whose qualifications, claims and duties are defined in the Epistles to Timothy and Titus. IX. BAPTISM AND THE LORD'S SUPPER. We believe the Scriptures teach that Christian baptism is the immersion in water of a believer, into the name of the Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost; to show forth in a solemn and beautiful emblem, our faith in the crucified, buried, and risen Savior, with its effect, in our death to sin and resurrection to a new life. The Lord's Supper, in which the members of the church, by the sacred use of bread and wine, are to commemorate together the dying love of Christ; proceeded always by solemn self-examination.   X. CIVIL GOVERNMENT. We believe the Scriptures teach that civil government is of divine appointment, for the interest and good order of human society; and that magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored and obeyed; except only in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Lord of the conscience, and the Prince of the Kings of the earth. XI. THE WORLD TO COME. We believe the Scriptures teach that the end of the world is approaching; that at the last day, Christ will descend from heaven, and raise the dead from the grave for final retribution; that a solemn separation will then take place; that the wicked will be judged to endless punishment, and the righteous to endless joy; and that this judgment will fix forever the final state of men in heaven or hell, on principles of righteousness.

Our Calling and Vision

The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) exists to assist this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements. CLIMA has as its mission, the determination to overcome this hindrance. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we can support overcoming this discrepancy. We don’t seek to be a Black agency, but we do aim to encourage those historically absent from cross cultural work for Christ.

Why should you join the Community Life International Missions Society?

“And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven,”  (Nehemiah 1:4) This is our motivation and vision. It is through the awareness that has come from the reports of those that have had opportunity to go and see for themselves the situations that so many of our kindred in faith and ancestry endure. Nehemiah was moved in heart and mind by the reports brought back; he prayed for assistance in being able to do something that would benefit those of Jerusalem. I for one had a similar experience, during my first missionary venture to Kenya in the summer of 2000. During my stay and having grown closer to the class members, I was struck by a statement of one of the more mature students, who said, “You are the first Black American missionary I have ever seen. I did not know that there really were any Black American Christians. And if so, do they not love us and want to come help us.” The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International (CLIMA) exists to assist this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements; CLIMA has as its mission, the determination to overcome this hindrance. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we will assist in overcoming this discrepancy. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Our Mission:      “We want to help you get to, where God wants you to be”

  Your Membership means you will: Pray: Keep the work of missions bathed in prayer. By your constant prayer, we believe God will further bless our hearts, hands and efforts in going where He would have his servants go, doing what He would have His servants do. Pray for the relationships that emerge as we build a network throughout the world of friends who will help us participate in spreading the Gospel and strengthening the Church wherever the Lord will lead.   Participate: Matthew 28:19 says “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. “ We are charged and challenged to do as the Lord Jesus has instructed and we can do more together than apart in building the Kingdom of God. Commit to be informed about the activities of CLIMA as the Lord leads in this work. We will build a network of relationships and ministries that you should be aware of, concerned about and prayerful toward. Help us help others do the work of building Kingdom relationships around the world: Community Life International. Know that you’re a part of a unique society of believers doing a unique work. Most importantly, you will be working together with others in the missio dei, the mission of God, in the World.   Promote: Share about the work of CLIMA and invite others to become involved in the work. We believe that there are needs that God has shaped each of us to uniquely fill and there is a matchless blessing to be appreciated. God has done a work in our lives, our communities, and our history that has helped to shape our witness to His goodness. Surely there is a blessing in our testimony.   Provide: We invite you to prayerfully commit to support the work and goals of God through the vehicle of Community Life International with your financial support, to the best of your ability. The work can only be done with the help of friends like you. We have designed a way for many to take part and each contribution will be used in the work of Kingdom building. We pray that you would commit to an annual gift at the level your faith and fortune can maintain.   Personal Giving at level $5.00 per month $10.00 per month $20.00 per month Whatever amount you wish Group Giving at level: $100.00 per month $200.00 per month $300.00 per month Whatever amount you wish  

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  Our commitment to you is that we will seek to maintain a high level of transparency in what we do, what we spend and how we spend. We will commit to report to our society members annually, how every dollar had been used.  

Most importantly, we invite to you come, go be in the midst and see for yourself.


Report of September 2011 mission trip to Kenya and Uganda

The objectives set for this trip were rooted in the initiation of a chapter of the North American School of Theology, Dr. Joe B. Maddox, founder and president. What initiated this was the fact that Community Life International (CLI) is primarily seeking to root itself in facilitating initiatives from within the Black Church toward cross cultural ministry; it makes since to actually do so when the opportunity presents itself. Dr. Maddox, being a member of the Board of Directors of CLI, only makes the matter more intensely practical. The trip was from September 09 – 22, 2011.
  1. CLI did not make all the arrangements for the trip, as Dr. Maddox is the initiator of this trip, we traveled and participated in the arrangements he made. All went very well, with the usual complications with communications. We departed on September 09, 2011. The team that traveled together was Dr. Maddox, Anthony Hill and C Danny Johnson.
    1. We departed from Knoxville Airport. The tickets for Hill and Johnson were secured through Empire Travel of Elizabethton; TN. Mike Peters is the owner/operator and has worked with me for many years in securing itineraries for such trips. I forget who Dr. Maddox got his tickets through.

      Maddox - Hill 2011_Knoxville Airport

    2. We arrived in Nairobi, via Ethiopia Airways on the 11th. Dr. Maddox was picked up by Rev. Makuthi and taken to Salama, Kenya where he would unite with other lecturers for the week of instruction. The classes were to be taught simultaneously in Kenya and Uganda. At the time of departure, Sunday the 12th, we were joined by Dr. Tommy Mimms of Knoxville, TN.
    3. In taking this trip, I went with four key objectives. (1) Research the state and activity of the school started by Rev. Joe B. Maddox, the North American School of Theology (NAST). (2) Research the possibility of activating a real-time video link that would allow for internet video classes. (3) Meet with Community Life Uplift Organization Board Chair and establish a clear understanding as to how we should seek to work together. (4) Deliver the funds collected for the Famine Relief to Community Life Uplift for distribution in the needed areas.
    4. The North American School of Theology (NAST) has been operating for five (5) years out of Machakos, Kenya. Dr. Maddox was approached by the President of the Ugandan Baptist Convention to set up a similar school in Uganda. This trip provided the opportunity for the first classes to take place. The site was in Seeta, Uganda, just outside of the capital of Kampala.
      1. The classes offered were “O.T. Theology” with Dr. Tommy Mimms lecturer.” The Doctrine of Grace” by Dr. Maddox and “A Theology of Stewardship” by Rev. C Danny Johnson. The initial report of 200 registrants was not realized, but there were 65 that participated through the week of classes. The classes were presented in a rotation, with each instructor presenting each day in a different sequence. Usually the classes were completed by 12:30 pm, followed by lunch. After lunch, an hour of question & answer followed.
      2. The classes were animated and received with truly impressive appreciation. It was stated almost daily, how unusual and impactful the information was. As one student put it, “we thought we knew the Bible, but I see we did not.”
      3. This was a year for graduations for I believe over twenty students from Salama. They traveled from Kenya to Uganda for the ceremony. One young man traveled by bus for 20 hours, from Mombasa, Kenya without complaint.

        First graduating class of NASOT, Seeta, Uganda

      4. The plan being entertained is to open classes in other surrounding countries and utilize the graduates from existing schools to assist in establishing new schools. This makes the structure missionary by nature and potentially powerful in its ultimate impact on the minds and lives of people. The emphasis in the school is one of motivation and empowerment.
      5. The next objective was the matter of video classes. This was a complex endeavor; many factors had to be considered. For example location and cost of initial equipment for broadband internet was a troubling factor.  Security concerns at the location for protection of the equipment. In any case, God provided the solution. We were able to secure both a sight and the needed local cooperation to get the project completed, we are praying about the financing and how the Lord will provide.
    The basic understanding developed was:
i.      We will work together in arranging mission trips to the Rift Valley in Kenya to participate in ministries that would be predetermined. ii.      These ministries would not be limited to church meetings, but would instead take church to the streets and include some very practical aspects and training that lives might be changed spiritually, emotionally and practically. iii.      As teams arrive, CLUO will orient the team and then lead throughout. iv.      All cost should be covered prior to arrival, itinerary having been reviewed. v.      CLIMA will seek to provide some financial resources for scholarships toward education cost where possible; details can be determined at the time.

Famine Relief:

This became the biggest problem of the trip. Due to an oversight on my own, I had Counter Checks drawn on our account that described the receiver as Community Life & Uplift Organization, which was incorrect. The “&” made it wrong and there was nothing that could be done to overcome that mistake. Ultimately, we had to cancel the checks, with the help of Dr. Randy Huffines and then have the money wired to CLUO. But in the end, the amount of $3,900.00 was wired and received (took four days) into CLUO’s account. The actual distribution will take place the week of October 10th. Dickson Talam, National Director of CLUO and Dr. Kip Elolia (Boards Liaison and Professor at Emmanuel School of Religion) will oversee and take pictures noting the contribution.

Dr. Kip Elolia with some recipients of assistance, to God be the glory.

Others that came to receive maize during 2011 famine.

Leadership Team:

Rev. C. Danny Johnson (Board Chairman) Angela Freeman (Secretary) Dr. Randy F. Huffines, DDS ( Co-Chairman) Rev. Alfred B. Johnson, Sr. Calvin J. Johnson, MD Jacqueline Jordan Lloyd, MD Joe B. Maddox, Ph.D. Rev. Timothy L. Ross, DMin M. Chere' Brady-Gray (Accountant)   To contact the CLIMA team fill out our secure form here.

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IRS CLASSIFICATION: 501(c)(3) Public Charity DEDUCTABLITY: Contributions are deductible, as provided by law If You Wish To Donate Another Way Please Contact Us 

We want to hear from you. Have a question and or comment for us. Drop us a line and we will get back with you shortly. Sincerely, The CLIMA USA Team   [easy-contact]   106 Broad Street Box#218 Elizabethton, TN 37643 Phone: (423) 612-1487